Moving Assembly Project  (Grahamstown, South Africa - April 2016)

Estela is passionate about sharing her research and movement practice. Throughout the years she has been teaching internationally to a wide range of ages from 7 to over 90 years old. Her classes vary from contemporary dance, improvisation and creative workshops, as well as classical ballet and private tuitions.


​She believes in the continuous search and potency of body-mind connection, combining emotional and sensory awareness with dynamic and efficient physicality. Her artistic practice strongly resonates with an interest in internal martial arts and somatic education methods. Estela is a Certified Awareness Through Movement ® Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2019 and continues undertaking her studies at Instituto Feldenkrais Barcelona International II under the educational direction of Phd Mara Fusero.


​She teaches internationally to professional dance companies, conservatoires, vocational schools and outreach programmes such as: 

La Veronal - Marcos Morau (Spain)

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance (UK)

Opera National Du Rhin (FR)

Humanoove - Didy Veldman (UK)

Scottish Dance Theatre (UK)

Renaud Wiser Dance Company (UK)

AVA Dance Company (UK)

Prix de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition Summer School (China)

Shanghai American School (China)

Moving Assembly Project (UK-South Africa)

Company of Elders - Sadler's Wells (UK)

Royal Ballet School - White Lodge (UK)

Rambert Learning and Participation (UK)

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (UK)

Central School of Ballet (UK)

Swindon Dance (UK)

European Dance Centre Paris (France)

Escola de Dansa Madó (Spain)

Jove Ballet de Catalunya (Spain)